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Welcome to the Louisiana Furs Home Page


LouisianaFurs.com is the official site of the Louisiana furry community.

Welcome to our humble little home in the gulf south. We started Louisiana Furs as the place to go to meet other furs in the state as well as the surrounding areas. Our services are designed to aid local furs in communicating current events, meets, outings, and finding others who share your interest nearby. Who knows, you just might find another fur in your own back yard or swamp.
Please take a moment to sign up and join our Forum to stay up to date with the latest news and updates! You'll also be able to join us in our chat! (Louisiana and surrounding area furs only please!)


As of August 2014, many changes and features will be coming to the website! Suggestions are always appreciated. If you have any suggestions, please send a message to AshAkiri!